Soul Path Center for Soul Healing

Soul Path Healing Intensives for Life Transitions

Soul Path healing intensives for life transitions are offered on the following themes:

Fulfill Your Soul Mission
Find and Keep Your Soulmate
Let Go of Your Lover
Past-Life Therapy Intensive
Connect With Your Spirit Guides
Create Your Perfect Career
Manifest More Money
Deep Soul Healing Intensive
Soul-Love Couples Intensive
Create Harmonious Relationships
Soul Coaching Intensive
The Spiritual Healing Journey of Shamanic Illness
Shamanic Journeywork and Healing Intensive

Soul Path healing intensives are a completely individualized series of sessions that help you navigate a life transition and manifest your soul mission in multiple areas of your life: relationships, career, finances, health, personal healing, and spiritual growth.

Your soul healing intensive can either focus on one specific theme and go in-depth or it can address multiple issues that affect you as move toward your highest and brightest future. All intensives combine the soul healing therapies that best serve your growth and healing.

Soul Path healing intensives for life transitions are done primarily over the phone or Skype in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

If you have never done a phone or live video chat therapy session, I offer a money-back guarantee. If you find that distance sessions are not right for you, there is no charge for your first appointment.

Soul Path healing intensives start with a free initial consult. We will discuss where you are in your life right now and where you want to go and create an individualized plan to help you transform your life. You will have an opportunity to ask questions and decide if we are a good fit.

If you are ready to get started and see if Soul Path therapy is right for you, please go to the contact page and send Rowynn an email with your name, number, time zone, and a brief description of what you want to work on. Rowynn will get back to you within 48 hours.

Rowynn Gilraine's therapeutic work integrates traditional and alternative healing methods, the personality and the Soul, the body and the realms of Spirit. Click here to learn more about Rowynn.

“Rowynn has helped me feel a deeper and sweeter connection with my Spirit. I now have a more profound sense of purpose and guidance in my day to day life as well as greater compassion for and understanding of who I am. The guidance I've received in sessions is of a high vibration, yet grounded and practical enough to incorporate into my daily life. As a facilitator, Rowynn's ability to “see“ spirit and “read” energy helps guide me to exactly where I need to go - journeys are complete, satisfying and integrating. I enjoy soaking in the wisdom of my spirit guides and friends.” A.J., Clairvoyant

“I am so grateful to you for all your magical work. I've been to many other therapists and healers and always been disappointed. You are the real thing. You are truly a healer and a shaman. I feel like you've been sent here from the higher planes to do this work you know how to do what you do because of your connection with the higher planes. Every time I come I make breakthroughs. Every time I come something amazing happens that would take years in other therapy.

I have a life now and I'm healing and I never thought I could. Everyone in my life is noticing the changes and I feel so much lighter. I don't have words for how much you have helped me and how much my life has changed in working with you. I feel like our sessions are miracles.”
~ S.M, Psychic and Healer

“In my opinion, you couldn't do any better than work with Rowynn. When I started with her, I was in a very toxic, verbally abusive relationship where I felt trapped. My self-esteem had plummeted and all the light was drained from my eyes. I was stuck in apathy, grief, and fear.

Rowynn saved my life. I don't say that lightly. I worked through my victim/perpetrator patterns and did a lot of physical trauma release. The change in me is profound and noticed by those around me. She has been consummately insightful, direct, and very caring. She could hold the space no matter how dark it got. I have always felt supported and can say that at the end of EVERY session I have felt lighter and more at peace.

I have known friends who have been in therapy (with other therapists) for years and still seem to cycle the same stuff. I feel like I've made huge gains in a relatively short amount of time. Rowynn has a variety of tools and technology that most other therapists lack, so she has many ways to work with you. Not every issue needs the same approach, so she can be more flexible and choose what works best.

I am so grateful that I was led to her. It it is right for you, I imagine you will feel the same way.”
~ A.R., Trainer, Sound and Energy Healing

“In Rowynn's presence I feel held and seen. She listens with her whole being and safety is created which allows me to navigate with her through dark, scary waters. With Rowynn, I'm able to go to uncharted places within my soul, places where new sources of life energy want to be tapped over and over again. This offers deep renewal and a sense of wholeness.

Rowynn has an unusual degree of compassion, is extremely dedicated to serving others, and is impressively skilled. As well as a therapist, to me she is a shamanic healer, spiritual guide, and ally. I would recommend her to anyone seeking assistance in his or her personal journey and especially to those wanting to explore his or her deepest truths and soul's purpose.”
~ M.B., Professional Astrologer

“Rowynn's work has been life-transforming. She has a rare gift of insight, intuition, and healing. Having been on a healing path for 35 years, Rowynn is the best and most profound therapist I have worked with. In a relatively short period of time, I have cleared many layers of deep psychological trauma issues through her somatic work. She has many tools to work with and the life between lives guidance was instrumental in helping me to have a deeper sense of my soul's purpose. I am beholden to Rowynn for her deep and gifted work and highly recommend her.
~ O.R., Naturopathic Doctor and Licensed Acupuncturist

“Rowynn is an incredible clinician. She is skilled and adept in guiding me to exactly what I needed, drawing on all that I know to assist me in healing in the moment. She has an uncanny way of tracking me on many levels (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) at the same time, combining a variety of disciplines and modalities and weaving them together seamlessly.

Every past-life and between lives session that we have done over the phone has changed my life. Each session has been extremely significant and life-changing without being overwhelming. I got exactly what I needed and felt safe and taken care of, supported and honored.

This work supports my soul on its path. Through Rowynn's example, guidance and modeling, my relationship with my guides has deepened and I now channel Divine information on a regular basis. I receive Divine wisdom every day as a result of these sessions. Had I not met Rowynn, I would not be in the place I am today.”
~ K.L., Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

“You are head and shoulders above any other healer or therapist I've worked with - nobody holds a candle to you. I have felt such rapport, support, and love with you. When I'm in your presence, my whole body relaxes, calms down and feels at peace. I know that everything is going to be okay. I have worked with so many therapists and healers and have never found anyone I could really work with until I found you. I have gone deeper with you than I have with any other therapist.”
~ M.D., Professional Psychic

“I grew up in a tremendous amount of abuse. I was physically, sexually, and emotionally abused throughout my entire childhood. As a result, I could not function in the world without paralyzing fear. I developed panic attacks that could sometimes last days. I have been in therapy most of my adult life, and while these different forms of therapies were somewhat helpful, at most they were band-aids.

It wasn't until I found Rowynn's Soul Path therapy that I finally found a way to really heal my life. Without getting all emotional, I would like to thank Rowynn for her incredible gifts and abilities to heal and say that she is so very dedicated to her clients. I have finally made breakthroughs in such a short period of time and my husband and my friends all see the healing results in my life. I finally do not feel gripped with fear and I am able to see others and the world in such a healthy way. It is like waking up to a clear, crisp, beautiful day for the very first time in my life. With all my heart I thank you, Rowynn.”
~ M.S., Professional Psychic

“Rowynn's compassion, clairvoyance, and ability to be unshakingly present have allowed for the deepest exploration and self-acceptance I've ever experienced with a counselor. She offers insight, clarity, and suggestions while holding space for my inner direction. We consciously co-create the transformation and healing process, which has supported me in feeling my power, intuition, and sensitivity. Rowynn consistently provides a sacred, safe, and grounded space. I deeply recommend her to anyone who is interested in fully opening up to the totality and beautiful truth of who they are.”
H.W., Psychic and Healing Touch Practitioner

“I sought support from Rowynn when I was going through the break-up of a long-term marriage. I was flooded with emotions of anger, sadness, and grief and sinking into a depression. Rowynn holds a compassionate presence and is a skillful professional who uses intuitive and creative wisdom to support her clients mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I greatly appreciated her skills beyond “talk therapy”, utilizing dreamwork, voice and sound, movement, and guided meditations - ways to heal the body and heart, as well as the mind. She helped me navigate a dark phase in my life. It has been healing and empowering to work with her.”
~ G.B., Certified Professional Coach and Published Author

“Rowynn's talents run deep. Within minutes of meeting her, I encountered a calming energy that immediately felt right. I cried a lot my first session and, from there, the floodgates opened to a world of accomplishments in my quest for growth and healing. Rowynn has an intrinsic ability to read people and so many tools to actually correct negative patterns. My time with her has been invaluable and I treasure the tranquil feel I leave with at the end of my sessions. I am doing more than just moving through my past. I am taking with me skills to create a future where I am happy, loving, and highly effective in all aspects of my life.“
~ W.H, Graduate Student

“So many therapies seem too shallow for me. With Rowynn, I trust completely that she can deal with whatever comes up for me, and that gives me the feeling of safety I need in order to let go. We are working together over the phone and she is able to stay with me and track my changes energetically very effectively.

Her holistic approach is supported by extensive training and experience as well as by her well-developed intuitive abilities. We often end up someplace neither of us could have predicted. Rowynn never interferes with my process – she allows it. She allows whatever is happening to happen and adjusts her input accordingly. This is deep and life-changing work. I am grateful every day that Rowynn came into my life.” A.A., SCIO Practitioner and Wellness Consultant

Fulfill Your Soul Mission

This series is most suitable for people who do not remember their soul purpose and want to discover their unique soul mission and learn how to fulfill it in all aspects of their life.

You will start by discovering your soul contracts, learning about your soul mission, and understanding the soul reasons you are experiencing your particular life circumstances. Once you know your soul purpose, you will release any patterns that block you from your highest destiny by clearing limiting past-life, childhood, and/or ancestral influences. You will connect with your team of spiritual allies and learn effective ways of contacting them on your own for deeper healing and guidance on how to live your soul's path.

Your current relationships will be assessed and any karmic difficulties will be transformed, allowing you to experience more love and connection. You will discover the career path that is most in alignment with your Soul and learn ways to awaken the gifts and skills that you need to manifest your true vocation.

You will come away from this series with a deep understanding of who you are as a Soul, why you are here, and how to successfully fulfill your soul's contracts.

Find and Keep Your Soulmate

This series of sessions is designed for single men and women of all sexual orientations who want to find their soulmate and create a committed, lasting, spiritual partnership.

The secret to finding your soulmate is clearing unconscious blocks to love and embodying more of your soul's energy in the rest of your life. When you are living the rest of your life in alignment with your Soul, you become irresistibly magnetic to your soul's true mate.

Soul Path therapy sessions help you release anything from the past that would limit your ability to meet your soulmate now, including past loves, challenging past-life experiences, and limiting childhood patterns and programming. You will learn how to become a true adult and be your own best beloved, loving yourself unconditionally and nurturing your inner child. You will practice tantric meditations that open and expand your sexual energy and balance masculine and feminine energies, helping you to become whole within yourself.

You will also connect with spirit guides who specialize in love relationships and will help you heal old patterns and attune to real soulmate love. With their help, you will explore the different soulmate relationships that are available to you and the different life paths that you can take to meet each of these potential soulmates. Your love allies will help you chose the best soulmate and life path for you and will energize a new relationship destiny. You will learn how to stay in alignment with the destiny track that allows you to meet your soulmate and create a long-lasting spiritual partnership. With the help of your love allies, you will create, implement, and refine a dating strategy that leads you directly into the arms of your soulmate.

Most importantly, you will merge with the energy of your Soul and step fully onto your soul's path. You will create the life that is most deeply connected to your True Self and soul’s purpose, allowing you to meet your Beloved as a whole and balanced person and create a healthy and lasting spiritual partnership.

Let Go of Your Lover

This series of sessions is designed to help men and women who are having difficulty letting go of a lover relationship that is no longer in alignment with their soul's path.

Significant love relationships have a higher purpose of helping you resolve childhood wounds, deepen your ability to love, learn soul lessons, and resolve karma from past lives. When these essential tasks are complete or when the challenges of the relationship outweigh the spiritual benefits, the relationship organically starts to come to an end and your soul encourages you to move on. This ending is often extremely difficult on many levels.

Soul Path therapy helps you navigate the breakup of your relationship with consciousness and compassion. Sessions start with clearing any unfinished business between you and your lover that is coming from present conflicts, unresolved past lives, and unconscious soul contracts. Energy exchanges that keep you bonded as a couple are released and your individuality and wholeness is restored. Sessions also support you in having healthy communication and negotiating the practical aspects of your separation, including finances, personal property, child custody, etc.

As you move out on your own, Soul Path therapy helps you deepen your ability to love and nourish yourself and create a life that is in alignment with your soul. You discover your part in negative relationship dynamics and heal personality wounds that sabotage true intimacy. You will release any wounding to your heart, your trust, and your ability to love and open to receive a new partner who supports the next level of your soul's path.

Past-Life Therapy Intensive

This series of Soul Path therapy sessions is designed to clear the obstacles and limitations generated by unresolved past-life experiences. It is ideal for people who intuitively know that their current-life issues have their origin in challenging past-life experiences.

In each incarnation, most souls choose to heal several deep soul wounds from prior lifetimes. These soul wounds manifest as the challenges and obstacles that you repeatedly face – they are your core life themes.

In this series, you will pick one of your core, ongoing life themes and resolve all multi-dimensional manifestations of this theme. You will explore and heal the past-life experiences that created this soul wound and resolve any current-life re-enactments from birth, childhood, and your adult life. You will journey to the between-lives state to learn and integrate soul lessons, freeing you to move beyond this soul wound and manifest your soul purpose.

The result is a profound healing of your chosen issue and the ability to move forward in your life with grace and ease, completely free of the past.

Connect With Your Spirit Guides

This series of Soul Path therapy sessions helps you to connect with your spirit guides and learn how to receive guidance and healing on an ongoing basis for all your major soul path issues.

You will meet and develop relationships with your team of spiritual allies – your personal gatekeeper, your body protector, your True Self, upper world teachers, lower world allies, the Sidhe, compassionate gods and goddesses, power animals, compassionate ancestors, angels and Archangels, and the spirits of nature.

You will learn individualized methods for accessing your spirit allies on your own for guidance and healing. A major focus of the work will be teaching different methods of shamanic journeying for protection, healing, and divination.

Other methods include conscious shamanic mediumship, guided meditation, hypnosis, dreamwork, ritual, and authentic sound, art, and movement.

Create Your Perfect Career

The primary focus of this series of Soul Path therapy sessions is to help you create your soul's work and become a world server. It is appropriate for healers, teachers, artists, writers, conscious entrepreneurs, seekers, and visionaries who are just beginning to get in touch with their unique vocation as well as people who know they need to expand their vision and serve more people.

Initial sessions help you activate your unique gifts and skills and move into a deeper alignment with your soul's vision and true vocation.

As you discover what career path makes your heart sing, you will heal deep, unconscious blocks to success. Limiting childhood, past-life, and ancestral influences will be transformed. You will develop the faith and courage needed to take your work to the next level of service.

You will also build conscious relationships with the spirit allies that can help you fulfill your soul's plan. You will learn how to receive ongoing guidance from your spiritual guides on the steps you need to take to manifest your soul's vision and make money at it.

You will complete this series of Soul Path therapy sessions with the clarity of vision and strength of heart needed to follow your soul's vision and create your soul's work in the world.

Manifest More Money

If you are doing work that you love and not making enough money at it or not doing the work you love because you don't have enough money, this series of Soul Path therapy sessions is for you.

Soul Path therapy sessions will help you create more abundance and prosperity. Your relationship with money itself and your beliefs about being able to manifest money will be transformed as you heal the unconscious programs you inherited from childhood, past-lives, and your ancestral lineage.

Issues of self-worth and self-esteem that block the flow of abundance will be cleared as you learn how to accept money as a form of univeral love. Your ability to receive will blossom and you will learn individualized meditations to help you manifest money that are specific to your particular issues and circumstances.

Together with your guides, you will create a realistic and achievable plan that helps you reach your financial goals. Your current means of making money will be evaluated and new options that are in alignment with your deeper soul's purpose will be explored.

You will complete this series with a new, healthy relationship to money that helps you manifest everything you need to live your dream and follow your soul's path.

Deep Soul Healing Intensive

This series of Soul Path therapy sessions is designed for people who are in significant transition. It is ideal for healers, artists, writers, teachers, visionaries, seekers, and conscious entrepreneurs who have already done more conventional therapy and are ready to dive deep into the reality of the Soul in order to completely change their inner self and manifest a whole new life.

This series uncovers your core soul wounds and helps you heal them across time. Past-life, ancestral, future-life, between-life, akashic, pre/peri-natal, childhood, and adult manifestations of soul issues will be explored and transformed. Specific meditations and shamanic practices and healing modalities will help you heal the past and step into a new destiny track.

You will emerge from this series having healed your deepest unresolved patterns and you will be truly free from the past. You will have intimate knowledge of your soul's history both in past lives and between lives. You will know your primary soul themes and soul gifts across time, the spiritual lessons that you have been learning, and the spiritual qualities you have been cultivating.

This expanded awareness of your soul's path across time will allow you to continue your soul learning and soul growth in this lifetime at a much faster pace.

Soul-Love Couples Intensive (In-person only)

This Soul Path therapy series is for couples who want to share a deeper connection and experience true intimacy. The primary focus of healing work is to help you sustain a shared, mutual space as a couple that is rooted in compassion and moment-to-moment mindfulness.

Your initial ability to connect as a couple will be explored and blocks to intimacy will be transformed using a body-centered approach. You will learn more effective ways to communicate your feelings and needs and be present for your partner's feelings and needs. Relationship “withholds” will be processed in a safe container and you will discover more harmonious ways to handle conflicts. Particular focus will be placed on challenging relationship dynamics and finding new strategies that are mutually nourishing and effective.

As your relationship improves, the focus of sessions shifts to deepening intimacy skills through tantric breath, sound, and meditation practices that are tailored to your specific needs and desires as a couple. Barriers to closeness will dissolve and you will learn how to meet your Beloved in your own undefended heart, essence to essence.

You will complete this series with the skills necessary as a couple to experience true soul love.

Create Harmonious Relationships

The focus of this series of Soul Path therapy sessions is to help you resolve relationship challenges with significant others. You may pick one person with whom you have difficulty or explore several significant relationships.

Often, others are in our lives so that we can complete unfinished business from past-lives and experience more love, compassion, and forgiveness this time around. We often pick up where we left off and healing comes from doing now what we could not do then.

Difficult relationships with parents, children, lovers, mentors, and business associates can become more harmonious as you discover your soul contracts and complete karmic lessons.

You will visit the akashic records to view the history of the relationship and communicate with your spiritual guides about the lessons that need to be learned and the actions that need to be taken to complete soul lessons. Past-life experiences that influence your current relationship will be healed and outdated soul contracts will be transformed and released.

The work that you do on the inner planes will also affect the person with whom you are having relationship challenges and soul healing with result for both of you.

As the past is resolved, you will be able to connect more deeply, stop negative patterns, and experience more peace and harmony.

Soul Coaching Intensive

This series of Soul Path sessions is designed to help healers, artists, writers, visionaries, teachers, and conscious entrepreneurs who struggle with the practical and get stuck in the visioning phase of fulfilling their soul mission. Soul coaching sessions help you stay on target and take divinely-guided action steps that allow you to reach your personal and professional goals in record time.

Soul coaching sessions start with meeting and connecting with your team of personal spirit guides. With their help, you will explore your potential futures and choose the destiny track that is the most promising and leads toward your best possible future. You will discover the essence of your life purpose in the areas of career, relationship, personal healing, and spiritual growth and set clear and achievable goals that are in alignment with your true self and your soul’s path.

As you commit to your soul-inspired goals, you also need to evolve and grow into the person who can fully embody and live your potential future. Soul coaching sessions support this deep inner transformation. You will release outdated beliefs, habits, and behaviors and resolve limiting unconscious childhood, past-life, and ancestral patterns. You will also develop the additional skills and resources you need to succeed and ground these new resources in your body.

Soul coaching sessions also help you learn how to consult regularly with your own Soul and personal team of spirit guides. Your spirit allies will help you every step of the way and give you clear action steps, meditations, and healing processes that move you forward and support change on every level.

In essence, soul coaching sessions will give you the support you need to take consistent action, stop self-sabotage and procrastination, develop new behaviors, and make new choices that magnetize your success.

You will complete this series of Soul Path sessions with the deep satisfaction that comes from fulfilling a significant soul-inspired dream and you will reap the rewards of truly living your soul’s path in the world.

The Spiritual Healing Journey of Shamanic Illness

This series of Soul Path therapy sessions is designed to help people who are in the process of a spiritual initiation that includes physical illness.

Soul Path therapy starts with clearing any trauma patterns from your body that are connected to your illness. Initial sessions unwind fight, flight, and freeze responses and help you find ways to be more present in your body in a gentle way that honors your limitations.

You will meet with your team of inner healers and spirit guides and receive deep energetic healing. You will learn how to work with your spiritual guides in an ongoing way to continue to receive healing and restore health and wholeness to your body, mind, and Spirit. Special focus will be placed on cultivating your ability to do solo shamanic journeys that focus on restoring your physical health. You will also learn how to become a conscious dreamer and receive healing images and insight from your dreamtime.

In addition, your illness and your True Self will engage in healing dialogue and the deeper spiritual lessons and teachings of your illness will be explored and integrated.

You will clear any relevant childhood, past-life, and ancestral issues that are connected to your illness. You will also resolve issues of soul loss and restore life and vitality to your physical and energetic bodies. The destiny track that leads to health will be energized and all destiny tracks that maintain illness will be shifted.

Finally, you will cultivate the ability to be compassionate and loving toward yourself and your body, holding your current situation with spaciousness. You will grieve the losses in your life that are a result of your illness and find creative ways to develop a better quality of life.

Overall, you will expand your inner resources for coping with the ongoing stress of a challenging illness and develop the ability to live more fully in the moment, holding yourself with love and compassion as you move toward an illness-free future.

Shamanic Journeywork and Healing Intensive

This series of sessions is for clients who want to deepen their ability to connect with their spiritual guides by learning shamanic journeywork methods and spiritual healing practices. A strong emphasis will be placed on helping clients work with Angels in the Upperworld and with the Celtic and Norse deities and the compassionate Sidhe in the Otherworld.

Sessions start with journeys to connect you with your primary spirit guides, including your power animal, your upper world teacher, your gatekeeper, your body protector, and your True Self. You will learn how to build relationships with your team and journey to them for protection, healing, and guidance. As your practice deepens, you will journey to the Upper World to connect with your Angelic allies and down to Elfland to meet your co-walker and other Sidhe allies. You will cultivate relationships with the Archangles and with better known Celtic and Norse deities such as Brighid, the Morrighan, the Dagda, Danu, Cernunnos, Cerridwen, Manannan mac Lir, Gwyn ap Nudd, Taliesin, Merlin, Lady of the Lake, Freya, Nerthus, Yggdrasil, and many others who resonate with you.

You will journey around the Celtic spirit wheel and meet the allies, learn the lessons, and cultivate the qualities of each of the directions. You will find balance within by working with the energies of sovereignty, prosperity, creativity, seership, vision, healing, warriorship, transformation, and the shadow.

Deeper shamanic healing work will utilize interactively guided shamanic journeys to clear blocks and align you with your soul’s path. Many shamanic methods will be explored to teach you powerful methods of protection and empowerment, healing and divination. Interactively guided journeys will include soul retrieval, destiny tracking, illumination, dismemberment, conscious mediumship, ancestral clearing, past life regression, spirit release, shamanic dreamwork, and more.

You will complete this series with a strong working relationship with your allies and a solid shamanic foundation that will allow you to incorporate shamanic journeywork and other shamanic healing and divination practices into your daily life. You will be able to work with your allies on a regular basis to continue to clear blocks and heal soul issues that arise as you continue to deepen your journey on your soul’s path.