Soul Path Center for Soul Healing

Soul Coaching

Soul coaching sessions provide an ongoing professional partnership that helps you achieve tangible results in your personal and professional life – results that are inspired by and guided by your Soul, your spiritual guides, and your deeper life purpose.

Soul coaching is similar to life coaching in that together we help you close the gap between where you are right now in your life and where you want to be. Soul coaching sessions give you the tools, support, and structure to set realistic and achievable goals, focus on these goals, and do more toward manifesting your goals than you would on your own, producing results much more quickly.

Soul coaching differs from life coaching in that ongoing support comes from direct dialogue with your own team of spiritual guides. Each step that you take is guided and inspired, allowing you to move forward with the grace and ease that only comes from being in full and complete alignment with your Soul, your life plan, and your spirit guides.

Soul Coaching has four unique phases that weave together seamlessly as you manifest your soul’s path in the world.

  1. Vision - Know who you are as a Soul and discover the possible futures that hold the best outcomes for you. Get clarity on your life purpose and the path that is most in alignment with your true self. Set appropriate and achievable personal and professional goals that are in alignment with your soul’s true path.

  2. Healing - Clear any obstacles that would prevent you from fulfilling your soul mission with grace and ease. Change limiting beliefs, attitudes, habits, and behaviors. Resolve unconscious childhood, past-life, or ancestral patterns that block you.

  3. Guidance - Connect with your Soul and your personal team of spirit guides for help fulfilling your soul mission. Discover specific action steps, meditations, and healing processes that move you forward quickly.

  4. Manifestion - Learn new skills and develop the resources you need to succeed. Take responsibility for your actions, choices, and outcomes and create new habits that magnify success. Receive the support you need to make your vision a reality.

In Soul Coaching Sessions You Will:

Discover your unique mission in life
Clear obstacles that block your path
Receive guidance and direction from your spirit allies
Develop and implement a soul-inspired action plan
Move past your self-imposed limits
Stay focused on your goals and move forward consistently
Learn new skills and make effective choices
Know yourself as whole, resourceful, creative and successful
Achieve personal and professional goals quickly
Align your inner spiritual life with your outer life
Connect with the wisdom of your Soul

“I called Rowynn because I thought she could help me find out more about my relationships, but instead she changed my life. I started to change ME after working with Rowynn and my life became fuller and more meaningful. With each phone session we have, I grow every time and am led to my path with grace and ease. That doesn't mean it's easy, it just means that with her amazing guidance and huge depth of knowledge in so many areas of healing, we together work towards inner growth. It's amazing work and I feel truly blessed to work with such a dynamic lady.”
~ H.L., Licensed Massage Therapist

“Rowynn is an extremely gifted and sensitive counselor, coach, and guide. Her channeling and soulmate relationship work has helped me during one of the most difficult times of my life. It was our work together that brought change, understanding, and peace to my life. When there are strong metaphysical and spiritual forces at work in a situation or relationship (and there usually are!), Rowynn is the one to understand and to know how to move forward to create solutions.”
~ J.M., Professional Artist

"I sought support from Rowynn when I was going through the break-up of a long-term marriage. I was flooded with emotions of anger, sadness, and grief and sinking into a depression. Rowynn holds a compassionate presence and is a skillful coach who uses intuitive and creative wisdom to support her clients mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I greatly appreciated her skills beyond traditional coaching and “talk therapy” - ways to heal the body and heart, as well as the mind. She helped me navigate a challenging phase in my life. It has been healing and empowering to work with her.”
~ G.B., Certified Professional Coach and Published Author