Soul Path Center for Soul Healing

Shamanic Sound Healing

The sounds of our voices are powerful medicine. In shamanic cultures, sacred sounds, songs, and chants are seen as gifts from the spirit allies, filled with extraordinary spiritual energy and potency.

Shamanic sound healing is a profound way to access the energy of your Soul and clear deep, non-verbal, energetic patterns that are blocking you from manifesting your soul’s path.

Shamanic sound healing sessions will help you develop a repertoire of shamanic voice and movement practices to apply to your daily life for healing and transformation. Special emphasis will be placed on helping you connect with angelic and bardic spirit allies and teaching you how to work with them collaboratively.

Shamanic sound healing sessions can be active or passive. In vibrational re-alignment sessions, Rowynn merges with her sound healing allies and directs their energy through her voice to help you clear blocked energy and harmonize with your Soul.

In active shamanic sound healing sessions, Rowynn uses her extensive vocal, shamanic, and therapeutic skill to help you access the healing power of your own voice through interactively guided voice and movement journeys. Shamanic voice and movement journeys are Rowynn’s unique integration of shamanic journeywork, guided imagery, body-centered vocal instruction, improvisation, songwriting, and somatic therapy.

The ultimate goal of shamanic sound healing is to help you expand your capacity to channel your helping spirits through your own liberated, authentic voice. The sounds you make in collaboration with your spiritual allies carry tremendous power and can help you manifest your soul’s path.

In Shamanic Sound Healing Sessions You Will:

Open your throat chakra
Discover your own healing sounds
Receive vibrational sound healing sessions
Learn vocal prayer, meditation, and manifestation techniques
Develop the 10 qualities of the shamanic voice
Access shamanic states of consciousness and healing imagery
Create healing songs and chants with your helping spirits
Learn shamanic & devotional chant forms and healing scales
Experience guided shamanic voice and movement journeys
Receive body-centered vocal instruction
Sing your helping spirits

Background Notes

Rowynn’s rich background includes professional training with many leaders in the field of sound healing and the expressive arts. Rowynn studied vocal performance at the Northwestern Conservatory of Music and has many years of experience performing and teaching voice. Rowynn has completed teacher's training in cross-cultural voicework with Silvia Nakkach, M.A., M.M.T., founder of the Vox Mundi School of the Voice. She is one of a handful of Americans to complete registration in Voice and Movement Therapy with the International Voice and Movement Therapy Association. VMT is the only inter-modal expressive arts therapy that blends depth psychotherapy with the extended vocal techniques of the Roy Hart Theatre in France. Other influential teachers include Chloe Goodchild, founder of The Naked Voice and author of the Sounds True audio series "Awakening Through Sound", Karina Schelde, founder of Soul Voice International, and Jonathan Goldman, author of the classic, "Healing Sounds." In addition, Rowynn has studied extensively with Michael Harner, Ph.D., and the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. Shamanic Sound Healing is Rowynn's unique synthesis of years of in-depth study and practice of sound healing, expressive arts, and shamanism.

“When I came to the work I am doing with Rowynn, I was mostly concerned with my voice and the blocks I was encountering there. In the process of this exploration, we have ventured far deeper than I have ever gone with standard therapy. I had gotten quite good at talking about what I needed to dive into. Through trauma release sessions, shamanic voicework, and Rowynn’s unique approach to hypnotherapy, we have unraveled and transformed some very deep wounding that has defined my choices for most of my life.

As a facilitator, Rowynn brings an enormous sense of heart and compassion as well as a thorough integration of the various approaches she brings to these sessions. I am so grateful to have found her. I feel like my guides led me to her. She is a pillar of light in my life. I have such gratitude for the work we are doing. It goes beyond words.”
~ F.T., Voice Teacher

“Rowynn, as well as being a very knowledgeable voice coach, has time after time, gently and skillfully taken me beyond my resistance into the heart of my Soul where my voice resonates with the fullness of who I am.”
~ M.W., Professional Astrologer

“You have such an amazing voice. There were so many layers of sound that kept taking me deeper. I feel cleansed. I have never gone that deep before. It’s like the sounds took me to a special spiritual place I’ve never been before. I feel like the sounds went right through me to my cells. I feel deeply changed. That was incredible.”
~ P.W., Realtor

"Rowynn has a unique gift for working blockages in the voice. She is part voice coach, part therapist so that the mechanics of your voice challenge are addressed along with any emotional wounds or old habits from childhood that are affecting the voice. Rowynn is a foundation of patience and non-judgment which is particularly valuable if you are a slow improver as I was."
~ B.R., Author and Public Speaker