Soul Path Center for Soul Healing

Shamanic Healing and Counseling

Shamanic healing and counseling sessions allow you to experience shamanic journeywork, healing, divination, and mediumship practices that align you with your spirit allies and help you live your soul’s path in all areas of your life.

Your spirit allies know your potential and your challenges better than anyone in ordinary reality. By cultivating conscious relationships with these allies, you will heal deep soul patterns and develop new skills that enhance your own natural abilities. By working collaboratively with your helping spirits, you will develop a myriad of resources that will allow you to claim your spiritual gifts and honor your Soul power.

Soul Path shamanic healing and counseling sessions are a unique blend of core shamanism, celtic/norse shamanism, and transpersonal psychotherapies and can easily be done over the phone and Skype.

In shamanic counseling sessions, Rowynn will help you set an intention for your journey, based on your goals and issues. Then, with the help of a shamanic drumming CD, you will enter a light trance state. As the drumming takes you into non-ordinary reality, Rowynn will help you navigate the experiences that arise as you travel to different places in non-ordinary reality and interact with compassionate helping spirits. When the journey is complete, Rowynn will help you integrate what occurred in non-ordinary reality and, if appropriate, give you additional shamanic practices for further integration at home.

In shamanic healing sessions, Rowynn will help you merge with your spirit allies and go into a light trace state where your allies can diagnose the deeper spiritual causes of your current life challenges. Rowynn will facilitate interactively guided shamanic journeys in which your helping spirits and her helping spirits clear and release the things that block your soul’s path and prevent you from living in your full wholeness. Shamanic healing modalities include soul retrieval, personal empowerment, protection, illumination, destiny tracking, past life regression, ancestral clearing, spirit release, and much more.

Shamanic healing and counseling sessions will give you the tools and skills that you need to develop an ongoing shamanic practice. Working regularly with your spiritual allies for healing, guidance, and personal growth enhances the quality of your life and helps you fully live your soul’s path.

In Shamanic Healing and Counseling Sessions You Will:

Learn Shamanic Journeywork - In interactive, verbally guided shamanic counseling sessions, journey to non-ordinary reality to connect with your spirit allies and receive guidance and healing for your most important soul path issues. Learn how to use shamanic journeywork as a spiritual practice for daily life.

Retrieve Lost Soul Parts - Bring back and integrate the aspects of your soul essence that left you during challenging times. Fill yourself with your own soul essence and retrieve your true soul gifts. Bring dormant soul parts to life and reawaken to your full potential.

Explore Shamanic Counseling – Go deeper than you have with traditional counseling and receive soul healing and practical wisdom from the helping spirits whose know you and your soul’s path the best. A short series of interactively guided shamanic counseling sessions will help you heal the spiritual cause of current limitations and give you specific steps and processes that help you complete a life transition and manifest the next phase of your soul’s path.

Heal Your Ancestral Lineage - Release unfinished family patterns that you have inherited and are re-enacting through your own life circumstances. Free yourself to live your own soul path, unfettered by the unhealed material of past generations.

Shift your Destiny Tracks – View potential futures with your spirit allies and choose the destiny that is most in alignment with your true self and your soul’s path. Change pivot points in past lives that created challenging karma and reverse negative momentum. Step onto a new destiny track and learn how to stay in alignment with your best potential future.

Clear Karmic Contracts – Journey with your allies to change pivotal past life events that created negative momentum that influences your future. Release soul contracts that keep you stuck and create new soul contracts that support your soul’s true path.

Align with Your Life Purpose – Journey with your allies to discover your strengths and activate your personal power creed. Discover the gifts that you have to share with the world and learn how to work with your allies to illumine your path and change obstacles that may limit the fulfillment of your personal destiny.

Journey to the Akashic Records – Unlock the mysteries of your past and open new possibilities in your future by viewing the contents of your Book of Life. Understand and transform the impact of past lives, soul contracts, ancestral patterns and relationship agreements on your current life. Receive deep soul healing from the records and open new possibilities for the future.

Communicate with Deceased Loved Ones - Complete unfinished communications with significant loved ones who have passed through the veil and experience true peace, reconciliation, and forgiveness.

Retrieve Your Power Animals - Experience a restoration of your personal and spiritual power by having your primary power animal return as your spiritual helper and protector. Learn how to develop life-long relationships with primary and secondary power animals.

Connect with Your Spiritual Teachers – Meet your primary spiritual teachers in non-ordinary reality and learn how to develop ongoing relationships that will assist you in all aspects of fulfilling your soul purpose.

Unlock the Healing Wisdom of Your Dreams – Interactive shamanic dreamwork sessions help you journey to your dreamtime to interact with your dream characters and unlock the deeper healing and meaning of your dreams. Learn how to become a conscious, shamanic dreamer.

Awaken Your Sexual Healing Energy - Open to the healing power of your own sexual energy through tantric breathwork and meditation practices for singles and couples of all sexual orientations. Learn how to use your sexual energy for self-healing.

Learn To Be a Conscious Channel – Merge with your spirit allies and verbally channel guidance that will answer your deepest soul path questions. Receive energy healing from your spirit helpers.

Receive Individualized Shamanic Practices - Receive individualized meditations, healing practices, and rituals that accelerate your personal growth and healing and move you toward the realization of your soul path goals.

Experience Transformational Breathwork – Experience the healing power of shamanic states of consciousness and access your own healing imagery through interactively guided holotropic breath and music journeys. In-person only.

Develop Spiritual Protection – Connect with your protective spirit allies and learn how to shield your energy field from unwanted influences. Discover your unique sources of empowerment and strengthen your ability to stay fully on your soul’s path.

Rowynn does not do spirit release or deposession. Clients with unwanted spirit attachments should look for shamanic practitioners who specialize in this type of healing work.

“Over the years, I have sought professional guidance from various doctors (western and naturopathic), healers, psychics, therapists and practitioners of various alternative modalities and, although I have benefited from each of these experiences, none provided me with the degree of personal change and improvement - physical, mental, and emotional - that I have garnered from my work with you.

I very much appreciate the diversity of your training and the different skills that you bring to our sessions. Your calm demeanor and gentle nature have opened the door for me to feel comfortable and safe enough to share thoughts and experiences that in other environments I never would. Your combined knowledge of "traditional" classical western forms of training with those that are more spiritual and less mainstream gives you a breadth of tools that many other practitioners do not have.

Before coming to see you, I had seen numerous practitioners for help getting and remaining pregnant. I've achieved results much more rapidly and with greater resolve with you. I am convinced that the cumulative effect of a mere handful of our sessions and the experience of a particularly powerful shamanic healing session has allowed me to release years, if not lifetimes, of physical and emotional trauma. I, without a doubt, feel that this release is what allowed me to get pregnant within a week of this particular session. I am now a healthy six months into my pregnancy! Simply put, there are plenty of "talk" therapists out there, but only one Rowynn.”
~ L.W. Event Coordinator

“One of the most powerful healings Rowynn has helped me through was the grieving of my father’s death. Through shamanic journeywork, Rowynn guided me to meet my deceased father’s soul in the “spirit world” and resolve many questions and concerns that I have had. I was able to rejoice in his essence, receive invaluable instructions about my life path, and, most of all, after 24 years, begin a grieving process that has opened up a part of me that is now able to feel things and empathize in ways I have always wished for.”
~ T.R., Professional Singer