Soul Path Center for Soul Healing

Somatic Therapy

In order to manifest your vision in the world, it is often necessary to evolve your relationship with your body and deepen your grounding and presence. Somatic therapy helps you expand your somatic awareness, clear traumatic imprints, and develop the physical, creative, and spiritual resources you need to manifest your soul’s path.

The main premise of somatic therapy is that the body and the mind are not separate; psychological patterns influence how your body organizes and physical patterns influence how you think and feel. Therefore, all somatic therapy sessions work back and forth across the mind/body interface, exploring the inter-relationship of body sensations, movement patterns, somatic impulses, feelings, emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and memories.

Often, trance-based therapies can neglect somatic process and leave limiting somatic patterns unhealed, minimizing the effectiveness of therapy.

Soul Path somatic therapy honors the pivotal role of the body. Special care is taken to release restrictive patterns from the body by working in the body’s own unique language - sensation, movement, breath, sound, and touch. Sessions integrate Rowynn’s extensive training in Somatic Psychotherapy, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy for trauma, somatic resourcing and movement therapy.

Somatic therapy can easily be done on Skype with clients who are reasonably healthy and have mild to moderate present-life trauma with less invasive symptoms or past-life trauma.

Clients who have active symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, significant mental health disorders, complex trauma, and dissociative disorders are not appropriate for Soul Path somatic therapy. Clients with an unresolved history of ongoing and severe childhood physical, emotional, and sexual abuse and neglect or an adult history of severe domestic violence, victimization, captivity, sexual exploitation, war, or extreme accidents or illness would not benefit from distant somatic therapy sessions. These clients need the strong container of an in-person relationship with a somatically trained psychotherapist.

In Soul Path Somatic Therapy You Will:

Connect fully with your body and the earth
Expand your capacity for intimacy
Learn to be more present in the “Now”
Change limiting belief systems
Heal past-life and current-life traumas
Transform restrictive body patterns and armoring
Develop new somatic, creative, and spiritual resources
Befriend your body and feel more at “home”
Complete fight, flight, and freeze impulses in your body
Develop healthier boundaries
Heal and integrate your inner child
Clear pre/peri-natal birth experiences
Deepen somatic awareness and embodiment
Experience healthy bonding and trust
Embrace life with more mindfulness, spaciousness, and compassion

“I grew up in a tremendous amount of abuse. I was physically, sexually and emotionally abused throughout my entire childhood. As a result, I could not function in the world without paralyzing fear. I developed panic attacks that could sometimes last days. I have been in therapy most of my adult life, and, while these different forms of therapies were somewhat helpful, at most they were band-aids.

It wasn’t until my husband researched and came up with information on Rowynn’s Soul Path therapy that I finally found a way to really heal my life. Without getting all emotional, I would like to thank Rowynn for her incredible gifts and abilities to heal and say that she is so very dedicated to her clients.

I have finally made breakthroughs in such a short period of time and my husband and my friends all see the healing results in my life. I finally do not feel gripped with fear and I now am able to see others and the world in such a healthy way. It is like waking up to a clear, crisp, beautiful day for the very first time in my life. With all my heart I thank you, Rowynn.”
~ C. M., Professional Psychic

“When I began therapy, it was in a crisis situation involving post-traumatic stress. In the course of about two hours, Rowynn was able to take me from the brink of almost total collapse to walking out of her office and driving myself home. This has been unquestionably the most dramatic healing work that I have ever done.

Rowynn is a gifted healer, but what stands out for me is her extraordinary sensitivity, gentleness, and hilarious sense of humor. She always asks permission to try different methods or even to come physically closer to me. She is acutely aware of my comfort levels and skillfully guides me through painful episodes. She is able to discern, through thorough professional training and innate intuitive powers, precisely what technique is needed when. I have never felt any dissonance between what she suggested and what I felt was needed in any moment.

Consequently, this therapy has been the most dramatic I have ever experienced. It has been profound and fast. Rowynn has enabled me to face deeply unsetting, major life trauma. In addition, she has taught me successful ways to cope with and overcome panic attacks and anxiety. The somatic work that I have done with her has helped alleviate debilitating back problems as well as other symptoms of chronic fatigue immune deficiency syndrome that I have had for over a decade. She has helped me to clarify my life path on the rocky road of career choices. Most of all, she has given me the resources and confidence to actively heal myself. I have utmost faith and trust in her abilities.”
~ C.H., Art History Professor

“My goal for therapy was post-trauma self-integration.  I wanted something direct and body-centered.  I did not want to do any more talk therapy!  The most important result of my work with Rowynn has been to give me an experience of how the body recovers from trauma.  I feel a much greater access to my own body knowledge and know how to listen to my body and hear it's messages.  My increased body awareness has changed my approach to everything - large and small events alike.  I've been able to get more feeling back into my feelings.

What I appreciate about Rowynn is that she did not just graduate from something and hang out a shingle. There are so many of those. She has spent years of time and money on her own trauma recovery and you can really tell! She has incredible intuitive skills and knows how to formulate a plan of action for the person she is dealing with. The shamanic work that she does also has a remarkable effect. It’s a great combination. If you really want to do the work, I recommend working with Rowynn. She is the real deal, very professional, and a rare find”
~ K. R., Horse Rescue Activist