Soul Path Center for Soul Healing

Past Life Regression Therapy

The difficult situations and events in your life that repeat over and over again have their root in the unresolved karma of past lives.

One of the primary reasons your Soul chose to incarnate at this time and experience your particular life circumstances and challenges is to heal unfinished business from past lives. This unfinished business is often intimately linked to your life purpose. Essentially, you pick up where you left off and set up another opportunity to move past limitations and succeed in fulfilling your soul mission.

In Past Life Regression Therapy, you will discover your core life themes and transform past-life imprints that limit your ability to manifest your soul’s path. Past Life Regression Therapy sessions can easily be done at a distance over the phone or Skype.

Every level of the self is addressed (physical, etheric, emotional, mental, and spiritual) as past-life issues are cleared systematically and thoroughly using the body-centered Deep Memory Process developed by the late Dr. Roger Woolger, Ph.D.

Dr. Roger Woolger’s contributions revolutionized the field of past-life therapy. He is the author of the classic, “Other Lives, Other Selves”, “Healing Your Past Lives” and the Sounds True audio series “Eternal Return.”

In a Past Life Regression Therapy session, you will be guided to a past-life that is most relevant to your current issues and concerns. In a light trance state, you will embody your past-life personality and experience the significant events and inner experiences of your past-life self. After gently moving through the death scene, you will explore and heal the unfinished business that your past-life self carried into the after-life and into your current life.

Past Life Regression Therapy is also useful for recovering and integrating positive past-life memories and experiences, as well as skills and talents that were developed in past lives and need to be re-awakened for you to fully live your soul’s path.

Past Life Regression Therapy frees you to step onto your best destiny track, unencumbered by the past. It places your current life into a multi-dimensional spiritual context that allows you to understand the nature of your character, your personality, your purpose, and your overall progress and development as a Soul.

Past Life Regression Therapy Helps You To:

Transform difficulties in relationships
Heal abandonment and separation issues
Reverse betrayal and victimization
Resolve power and money issues
Heal physical, emotional, and sexual abuse
Release chronic guilt and self-sabotage
Increase personal empowerment
Clear deep-seated fears and phobias
Change limiting beliefs
Resolve birth trauma
Raise chronic low self-esteem
Transform depression and anxiety
Ease physical complaints, including chronic pain and illness
Resolve birth and fertility problems
Heal shock, shutdown, and trauma
Process grief and loss
Transform alienation and lack of meaning
Manage psychic hyper-sensitivity

In a Past Life Regression Therapy Session You Will:

Embody your past-life personality
Gently re-experience significant past-life events
Uncover your core unconscious patterns
Heal the past-life cause of current-life issues
Create alternative endings and reprogram the body and unconscious
Engage in healing dialogue and heal misunderstandings
Experience reconciliation, forgiveness, atonement, and resolution
Release past-life contracts and agreements
Heal the energy body
Process stuck emotions
Transform limiting beliefs
Clear present-life experiences that re-enact past-life karma
Review past-life themes and integrate them into the present

“Rowynn is an incredible clinician. She is skilled and adept in guiding me to exactly what I need, drawing on all that I know to assist me in healing in the moment. She has an uncanny way of tracking me on many levels (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) at the same time, combining a variety of disciplines and modalities and weaving them together seamlessly.

Every past-life regression and life between lives regression that we have done over the phone has changed my life. Each session has been extremely significant and life-changing without being overwhelming. I got exactly what I needed and felt safe and taken care of, supported and honored.”
~ J.P. Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

“Rowynn has guided and counseled me through many levels of immense personal transformation. In only 18 months, Rowynn has helped me remove blockages that have governed my level of happiness and effectiveness since I was a little girl. With the past-life regressions and life between lives regressions, it has been unquestionably clear that many of the challenges that I am facing in this lifetime are direct manifestations of extremely specific events that have happened in other lifetimes. Rowynn has helped me heal, resolve, forgive, and let go of these past-life experiences in a thorough and graceful way.

Working with her has helped me face some of the most deep-rooted issues I have ever had and given me more tools than I could ever describe. Regardless of your spiritual background or experience I feel confident in saying that if you are willing, you will find that she will do the same for you. Thank you endlessly, Rowynn.”
~ T.Z., Professional Singer

“I have been working with Rowynn over the phone and, without a doubt, she has been extraordinarily instrumental in my personal transformation. Indeed, I hardly recognize the person I used to be. During this time we have done more than 30 Past Life Regression Therapy sessions which illuminated the limiting emotional patterns and beliefs that have shaped my current life. As I have cleared the unfinished business of those past-life experiences, more and more of my true nature has been able to express through this body. I am ever grateful for Rowynn’s consummate skill as a guide.”
~ A. P., Energy Healer and Teacher