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Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression

Before you were born, your Soul met with a council of wise spiritual elders to create a Divine blueprint for your life. This blueprint contains the essence of your soul purpose for this lifetime.

Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression helps you discover the content of your Divine blueprint, assess your current progress in completing your assignment, and get valuable guidance on the steps you need to take right now to fulfill your soul’s path.

Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression was developed by Dr. Michael Newton, author of “Journey of Souls” and “Destiny of Souls” and editor of “Memories of the Afterlife: Life Between Lives Stories of Personal Transformation.”

Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression sessions can easily be done over the phone or Skype.

In a deep trance state, you will be guided into the past life that is most connected to your current-life purpose and will gently explore the themes and significant events of this past life. After gently processing your death, you will follow your soul’s actual journey into the after-death realms of the spirit world. Once there, you will journey to places of profound healing, learning, and wisdom. You will meet with your primary spirit guides who will help you understand your history and nature as a Soul and give you the information you need to clearly define your current life purpose and manifest your soul’s path.

Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression Will Help You Discover:

Who you are as a Soul
Where you come from in previous incarnations
Why you were born into your particular life circumstances
What challenges and obstacles you have chosen to face and why
The spiritual purpose behind your life’s lessons
Your unique Soul gifts and your true vocation
The higher purpose of significant relationships
Your intimate relationship blueprint for this lifetime

In a Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression Session You Will:

Develop a relationship with your primary spirit guide
Return to your soul group
Identify your closest soulmates
Join with your primary soulmate or twin soul
Meet with the Council of Elders and review your life purpose
Explore past-life incarnations and themes
Visit the Akashic Records library and other places of soul learning
Return to the realms you incarnated before
Receive soul healing and energy body regeneration
Understand current life and body selection

The knowledge and understanding of your soul purpose here on earth and the goals you set out to achieve will give your life profound direction and help you to complete this incarnation with renewed energy, commitment, and grace.

“The Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression session I received from Rowynn was life changing for me. It helped me understand why I have been so afraid to fully come out and be seen for the healer I am. In the midst of this between lives session, I faced the core of my fears with Rowynn’s help. She was amazing! She was right there with me the whole time and knew just what to do to help me get through some very difficult past-life memories. She not only used her knowledge of the life between life process, but also her gifts as a healer and shaman. I was blown away by her healing powers, and by her love.

Since the session with Rowynn, I have had more courage to be seen by the world for the healer I am. I feel a softening of emotional blocks I have carried my whole life, and know just how supported I am by Spirit to do the work I do. I highly recommend Rowynn’s work and encourage anyone who feels drawn to it to take the plunge. She can help you change your life!”
~ S.B., Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

“I feel a great healing as a result of my life between life experiences. The life between lives spiritual regression session confirmed who I truly am and the strength and depth of my connection with my guides was a surprise - I know that I am with God and that I’m never alone. I am leaving this session with a profound sense of peace and a deeper understanding of my pain and grief in this lifetime.

Rowynn did an excellent job of guiding me - she could “see” my experience and knew how to help me complete each piece and guide me to the next experience. I was surprised at how easily I went in and was able to access the information and experience the Spirit world. I recommend this work to anyone who wants to understand their personal self and deepen their connection to their Divine self.”
~ S.T., Barbara Brennan Graduate & Feldenkrais Practitioner

“My life between lives spiritual regression session brought me the events that underscored the reasons for a core piece of pain that I had not been able to access before. It opened the door for understanding and compassion that I had continually denied myself. In my case, I needed to learn how to find self-forgiveness and self-compassion at a very deep level and the life between lives session brought me face to face with that place in myself. I have felt much more liberated and joyful since.”
~ L.P., Sound and Energy Healer and Teacher