Soul Path Center for Soul Healing

Expressive Arts Therapy

Expressive Arts Therapy uses the power of the creative process to access the intuitive insight of your True Self.

Your creative expressions and healing images have the power to evoke deep emotional states, encourage new connections and insights, awaken higher levels of creativity, and initiate a spiritual unfolding.

In a skillfully guided therapeutic process, you will be encouraged to express yourself in various media most suited to your healing intention and comfort zone. These media include movement, art, drama, creative writing, sound, song, and improvisation. As you explore your images, creative answers to soul issues emerge that logical, linear, purely verbal therapy cannot access.

While Rowynn works with all of the expressive arts in an inter-modal approach, her primary specialties are Voice and Movement Therapy and the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music.

Voice and Movement Therapy

The main premise of Voice and Movement Therapy is that all of your core issues are reflected in the sounds of your voice. Working with your voice physically, psychologically, and spiritually changes how you express and experience yourself in the world.

Voice and Movement therapy helps you access the full range of your vocal and creative expression and align with your true Soul voice. Voice and Movement Therapy uses specific body-centered vocal techniques, non-verbal vocalization, guided imagery, expressive movement, songwriting, and performance to help you access your healing story.

Voice and Movement Therapy is suitable for both beginners and professional singers alike. Voice and Movement Therapy sessions can be done with Skype using a video camera.

In Voice and Movement Therapy You Will:

Increase your vocal range and flexibility
Develop the 10 vocal components
Enhance your creative vocal expression
Heal emotional blocks
Fully embody your singing and speaking voice
Heal early developmental issues
Explore and integrate vocal sub-personalities
Learn to use your voice for self-healing
Transform pre-verbal developmental issues
Write, sing, and perform your own healing songs
Learn to sing in many different vocal styles
Receive in-depth vocal coaching for professional performance

The Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music

The Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music is a music-centered experiential psychotherapy that uncovers depth levels of the mind and allows you to access the innate healing capacity of your psyche and deeper Self.

In Guided Imagery and Music sessions, you will be taken on an inner journey into the personal and collective unconscious through a skillful combination of verbal guiding and classical music programs which are organized around specific archetypal themes.

The healing imagery that arises is spontaneous, much like a waking dream, and allows you to illumine and resolve current life issues. Guided Imagery and Music sessions are only available in-person.

In Guided Imagery and Music Sessions You Will:

Travel to the depths of your inner world
Stimulate your intuition and creative potential
Activate your innate capacity for healing and transformation
Access the healing imagery and wisdom of your True Self
Experience profound shamanic states of consciousness
Access and resolve deep unconscious blocks
Connect with the healing power of music
Experience deeper levels of wholeness

“Rowynn gentles you in and surfs the hyper-waves,
Her eye on where the break will happen.
She coaxes a low up over a rainbow
And draws the tide of change.
She feels the steady rhythm of freedom beneath your distractions
And guides until you can feel it too.
She senses your core beyond what melts you down
And calms you into that middle place of peace you forgot existed.
Rowynn’s smile knows of your Sacred Self that will contain your lost soul
As she midwives your rebirth down the proper path,
The one without trauma of wounds unhealed.
She leaves you with old lies unlearned
And sends you off to create a song of life anew.”
~ J.J. Professional Writer

“When I first came to Rowynn for Voice and Movement Therapy, I had lost my voice. To me, it wasn’t just a loss of being able to sing - I felt like I lost myself. Since doing Voice and Movement Therapy, I can now sing a whole song all the way through. I can feel it, both in my body and soul, which I wasn’t able to before. I have started writing songs through the process of Voice and Movement Therapy. I love working with my own material in songwriting because it is so hard and meaty and it hurts so I know something genuine and healing is coming out.

I would recommend Voice and Movement Therapy to every singer. Voice and Movement Therapy opens you up in such a way that you create tones you didn’t know you had. You are truly singing from you, not a technique. Your range will astound you. My range is growing more and more and I am surprising other singer friends who strictly take voice lessons.

I can’t imagine doing Voice and Movement Therapy without Rowynn. Her intuitive ability to sense what is needed, at what time, for you, makes me feel so safe. I can just relax into it because I trust she is doing the right thing to move me to my goal. She is deeply empathic and sympathetic, but won’t get lost in your stuff and won’t allow you to get lost either. She is gentle, but encouraging. She will challenge you, sometimes to face your deepest fears, but she will make it possible too.

I feel she is very connected to Spirit and Spirit is guiding her to help me - it never feels like an ego thing, which I believe is rare. She gives you the sense that she has been there and holds a non-judgmental, listening space. I have been truly blessed to work with her and feel she is a part of my answer to my fervent prayers to get my voice back.”
~ M.K., Singer and Songwriter