Soul Path Center for Soul Healing


Dreams are messengers from the realm of the Soul. Your Soul communicates with you through your dream images and dream stories. By becoming a conscious dreamer, you can develop a deeper relationship with your Soul and align with your soul’s path.

The dreams that you have while you are actively engaged in deep psychological and spiritual transformation are often “big” dreams that hold the key to your soul healing. Soul Path dreamwork sessions actively work with these big dreams, helping you integrate their guidance, wisdom, and healing.

Rowynn’s Soul Path therapy integrates several different styles of dreamwork – shamanic, expressive, and hypnotic. Rowynn’s focus in all dreamwork sessions is to take you back into the living experience of the dream to interact with the dream itself and discover your dream’s ultimate meaning.

Soul Path dreamwork sessions can be done at a distance by phone or Skype using either hypnosis or a shamanic drumming CD.

Shamanic Dreamwork - Re-enter the landscape of your dream through interactive guided imagery and shamanic drumming. Decipher the core message of your dream, dream the dream onward, and dialogue with dream characters.

Hypnotic Dreamwork - Hypnotic trance journeys help you interact with all aspects of your dream and discover what the characters, landscape, objects, symbols, and actions of the dream are telling you. Use dream imagery to go back in time and resolve childhood, past-life, and ancestral experiences.

Expressive Dreamwork - Express your dreams in the art form that most suits them – creative writing, voice and sound, movement, drama, and the visual arts. Interactive, verbally guided dreamwork sessions use these creative expressions to journey deeper inside the dreamscape and uncover their non-verbal, body-centered wisdom. Depending on the media used, some expressive dreamwork sessions can only be done in-person.

As you gain more experience working with your dreams in private sessions, you will develop a repertoire of dreamwork techniques that you can use to work therapeutically with your dreams on your own. Soul Path dreamwork sessions will help you open to the vast potential that conscious dreaming has to awaken your creativity and spirituality.

In Soul Path Dreamwork Sessions You Will:

Develop excellent dream recall
Integrate parts of yourself that present themselves in dreams
Dialogue with dream characters and spirit guides
Prepare for death and map the afterlife
Get guidance about your life and potential future realities
Talk to healing ancestors and loved ones who have transitioned
Work with your dream doctor to heal your body
Learn to become lucid in your dreams
Ask your dreaming Self important questions and receive answers
Heal significant childhood and past-life experiences
Explore shamanic, non-ordinary reality
Uncover unconscious dynamics that hold you back
Become a conscious co-creator of your life using dream wisdom

“I sought support from Rowynn when I was going through the break-up of a long-term marriage. I was flooded with emotions of anger, sadness, and grief and sinking into a depression. Rowynn holds a compassionate presence and is a skillful professional who uses intuitive and creative wisdom to support her clients mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I greatly appreciated her skills beyond “talk therapy”, utilizing dreamwork, expressive arts and guided meditations - ways to heal the body and heart, as well as the mind. She helped me navigate a dark phase in my life. It has been healing and empowering to work with her.”
~ G.B., Certified Professional Coach and Published Author

“Rowynn has helped me feel a deeper and sweeter connection with my Spirit. I now have a more profound sense of purpose and guidance in my day to day life as well as greater compassion for and understanding of who I am. The guidance I've received in sessions is of a high vibration, yet grounded and practical enough to incorporate into my daily life. As a facilitator, Rowynn's ability to "see" Spirit and "read" energy helps guide me to exactly where I need to go - trance journeys are complete, satisfying and integrating. I enjoy soaking in the wisdom of my spirit guides and friends.”
~ S.O., Clairvoyant