Soul Path Center for Soul Healing

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Clinical Hypnotherapy sessions go to the root of what is blocking you from living your soul’s path and can help you experience profound therapeutic change in a short period of time. For every problem, there is a healing solution that clinical hypnotherapy can access by tapping into your deepest source of inner knowing and wisdom - your subconscious mind and your True Self.

A personality that has not yet been integrated and transformed cannot fully align with the Soul. Clinical Hypnotherapy sessions help you re-structure your personality from the inside out, transforming deep unconscious patterns and creating true wholeness and authenticity.

This profound shift allows you to merge with your soul’s energy and wisdom. Your personality is able to join forces with your Soul and you are free to create a soulful life that inspires others and helps to change the world.

Since all clinical hypnotherapy sessions are done in a light trance, with eyes closed, they can easily be done at a distance over the phone and Skype.

In Clinical Hypnotherapy Sessions You Will:

Heal Your Inner Child - Develop a conscious relationship with your inner child and learn ways to meet your inner child’s unmet needs in current time. Create an experience of inner bonding and love for your inner child, transforming your relationship with yourself and others. Learn how to be an adult in your relationships with others and care for your inner child with compassion.

Transform Difficult Childhood Experiences - Journey to the childhood sources of current unresolved issues that repeat in your adult life. Transform early memories, beliefs, and emotions that limit you now. Create a new inner experience and develop the capacity to live fully in present time.

Explore and Integrate Sub-personalities - Meet your various “parts” or sub-personalities and learn how they show up in your life. Dialogue with challenging sub-personalities that limit your happiness (such as the inner critic, the saboteur, the shaming parent, etc.) and transform them into allies. Create consensus among various “parts” with different agendas, so that you can move toward your goals in harmony.

Balance Your Inner Masculine and Feminine – Journey to meet your inner feminine and your inner masculine and discover how each energy currently functions in your life. Develop a positive and harmonious relationship between your inner masculine and feminine. Evolve the energy that you need to come into balance and expand on the inner qualities you need to manifest your dreams and live your soul’s path.

Integrate Your Guiding Archetypes – Discover the soul contracts you have with the archetypal energies that guide and shape your life. Learn how to harness the power of your archetypes to fulfill your soul mission and heal less evolved manifestations.

Transform Your Shadow - Embrace the gifts of your dark side and turn your shadow into an ally. Reclaim your true authenticity, creativity, love, and freedom. Replace the masks that keep you stuck in limitation and break free of the fear, shame, blame, and self-sabotague that stops you from knowing who you are and living your soul’s path.

Create Your Ideal Body - Activate the blueprint for your ideal body. Dialogue with the parts of yourself that sabotage your efforts and transform these parts into allies. Clear all subconscious blocks, difficult past-life experiences, and limiting belief systems that prevent you from living in a body that you love. Develop the discipline to lose weight, eat right, and exercise regularly. Release self-judgment and love your body unconditionally.

Relieve Chronic Pain and Illness - Meet your inner healer and experience healing energy, imagery, and movement that unwinds and releases pain and illness. Dialogue with your illness and discover how to transform it and experience health and well-being. Develop a loving relationship with your body and learn what you need to do to heal.

Unlock the Healing Wisdom of your Dreams - Work with your dreams to unlock your deepest inner wisdom and transform your inner self through in-depth, Jungian and Shamanic dreamwork. Gain experience working with your dreams and learn proven, powerful techniques to work with your dreams on your own.

Deepen Relationships with your Spirit Guides - Meet and develop relationships with your team of spiritual guides. Learn how to consistently deepen relationships with them on your own and receive guidance on life issues and concerns.

“Rowynn's multi-faceted talents and abilities provide the flexibility and seeming endless possibilities for growth, at a much faster pace than I have experienced with other disciplines. Her keen intuition helps guide her in assisting me, encouraging me to go deeper and deeper still with confidence, always trusting her. When I am in the dark, Rowynn is the guiding light."
~ B.H., Real Estate Broker

“Rowynn is an extraordinary therapist and healer. Her expansive knowledge and skills in all levels of healing modalities for body, mind, and Spirit, offer the greatest potential for true holistic healing from within a caring, compassionate, one-on-one therapeutic relationship.

Working with Rowynn has been a true alchemical journey of healing in which we have worked together to effectively interweave all these aspects of healing while following my continuously evolving inner process. Rowynn is extremely compassionate and supportive in crisis situations, and has the highest integrity in supporting the choices on my path without judgment, regardless of the outcome. I feel extremely blessed to have been guided to Rowynn when I was most in need of a new Teacher and healer. I would recommend her to anyone seeking to truly heal themselves on all levels.”
~ R.Y., Sacred Ceremony Facilitator

"I am indebted to Rowynn, as is my family. The joint in-person sessions she did with one daughter and her father and the phone sessions she has done with both daughters have transformed our family. We are changing dysfunctional patterns so they won't be passed onto the next generation. Peace and harmony are on the rise."
~ W.L, Energy Healer