Soul Path Center for Soul Healing

Channeled Soul Readings

Channeled soul readings help you explore your issues from the wise perspective of the Angels and discover creative healing solutions that allow you to step more fully onto your soul’s path.

Rowynn has practiced conscious trance channeling, mediumship, and shamanic journeywork and healing for over 20 years. She is a channel for the Angelic Council of Light and all soul readings are a blend of their Angelic knowledge, Rowynn’s healing toolkit, and the wisdom of your own personal team of spirit guides.

She offers two primary types of soul readings with the assistance of the Angelic Council of Light.

Distant Email Readings:
In distant email readings, clients can send their soul path questions and rowynn will go on a diagnostic shamanic journey to receive answers from her spirit guides. Shamanic readings include detailed information about significant pivot points in past lives that influence you now, soul contracts, the spiritual cause of current life obstacles, potential positive future destiny tracks, and how to align with your soul’s path. Email readings can include the shamanic healing work that is needed to create a destiny track shift.

Channeled Soul Readings:
In channeled soul readings, Rowynn connects with the Angelic Council of Light. In a merged state, she takes you on an interactively guided journey that aligns you with your true self and soul’s path. The Angels will answer your questions…

Shamanic Readings Can Include:
Interactive Q & A conversations with spirit allies
Healing karmic soul patterns
Exploring possible futures and potential outcomes
Shifting destiny tracks and aligning with your soul’s path
Energy body healing with light, sound, and guided imagery
Shamanic journeys to places of healing and wisdom in the Otherworld
Personalized healing meditations, spiritual practices, and rituals
Soul healing methods, including soul retrieval and soul renewal

Channeled Readings Help You To:

Know Your Soul Purpose – Come out of confusion and experience clarity. Discover your true life purpose and learn how to fulfill it, no matter where you are right now in relation to your soul’s path.

Connect with Your Guides – Meet your current team of spirit guides and learn ways to consistently receive guidance and healing. Meet new spiritual guides whose qualities and energies will help you to manifest your soul’s path.

Open to Channel – Discover individualized practices that help you develop a more conscious relationship with your primary guide. Learn how to safely channel the wisdom of your primary guides through conscious shamanic mediumship.

Find and Keep Your Soulmate – Transform the blocks that prevent you from experiencing deep, lasting, soulmate love. View potential futures and potential soulmates and learn how to align with a destiny track that includes soulmate love.

Create Your Perfect Career – Receive specific guidance on what steps to take to love the work you do and manifest your ideal career. Explore and release any blocks to success.

Manifest Prosperity and Abundance – Transform your relationship with money and align yourself with true prosperity in all areas of your life. Learn how to be in balance to manifest what you need to fulfill your soul mission.

Develop Your Soul Gifts – Know your true soul gifts and learn how to share them with the world. Receive individualized meditations and energy healings from your spirit allies that activate your talents.

Release a Lover Relationship – Release a lover who is no longer in alignment with your soul’s path. Complete relationship contracts and learn your soul lessons. Find true peace and freedom and open your heart to a new love.

Journey to Places of Shamanic Healing and Wisdom – Journey to places of healing and widsom in the Celtic and Norse Otherworld and the Angelic realms that resonate with your soul’s path. Receive soul healing from the Angels and the gods and goddesses and connect with the spiritual allies who can help you live your soul’s path.

Heal Core Soul Themes – Allow the Angels and the Celtic and Norse gods and goddesses to transform the true root cause of limiting issues. Receive deep soul healing of past-life, between-life, and future-life issues and open to new possibilities.

Navigate Life Transitions and Spiritual Initiations – Feel the support of spirit allies while you pass through periods of inner and outer change. Understand the deeper spiritual purpose behind significant challenges and learn the spiritual lessons of initiatory experiences.

Transform Significant Relationships – Transform the karmic patterns behind challenging relationship issues with parents, siblings, children, lovers, friends, and business associates. Break old soul contracts and develop new ways of relating.

Journey to Future Lives – Meet future selves who can help you manifest your soul purpose now. Know your full potential as a soul and connect with who you are becoming to be the highest version of yourself you can be now.

Explore Potential Futures – Journey along your destiny track lines to view potential futures and work with your spirit allies to align with the best possible outcome.  Shift core patterns that limit your options and align more fully with your true self and your soul’s path.

“I began working with Rowynn due to an overwhelming sense of being trapped where I lived, unable to find my personal joy, and the sense of feeling completely alone and un-nurtured because I lived far away from my loved ones. Using her stellar intuitive and counseling skills, Rowynn facilitated every session which resulted in one more step toward what I wanted to bring into my life, and toward believing that what I need is important. I was able to visualize, with Rowynn’s help, the view from where I will live, the soul mate with whom I will be living in that home, and the area where the home will be. I was also provided the skills and guidance from spirit guides to assist me in combatting the demon souls attacking me at work, and manifest a release from the toxic environment. I now live in the area I visualized, and I am much better at realizing I deserve to be near people I feel are important, to be loved, nurtured and appreciated, and I am able to shield myself from old patterns that kept me in a position of always putting others’ needs before my own. My spirit is lighter and closer to the authentic person I am, and I don’t believe I could have achieved this without the very valuable facilitation I received from Rowynn. Rowynn’s gentle yet directed demeanor were essential to getting me “untrapped”, and I will call upon her anytime in the future when I feel the need for assistance moving in a positive direction in my life. Rowynn is priceless!”
~ R.K., Real Estate Agent

“Rowynn’s connection to spiritual guidance and her ability to channel sets her apart from many other therapists. This ability has allowed me to accelerate my spiritual growth. Every channeled session has created more dramatic epiphanies and shifts. The channeled sessions are a co-creative process where the guides use her therapy skills. It makes the sessions more powerful, raising them to a higher octave than before. It was only after the information that I received in a channeled session that I was strong enough to leave an abusive relationship.”
~ A.S., Energy Medicine Practitioner and Teacher

“Rowynn has an amazing ability to channel. During our session the information flowed with clarity and precision. My questions were answered as well as the questions I’d forgotten to ask. There was no doubt as to the accuracy of the information I received as I felt the truthfulness of the words settle within me. Amongst other information, I received the guidance I was looking for around how to manifest money in my business and am actively following the guidelines suggested with successful results. I regard my channeling with Rowynn as an investment in my future.”
~ M.G., Professional Coach

“Rowynn’s channeling sessions have provided me with compassionate, unbiased feedback in response to important life questions. She is able to tap a wealth of information surrounding one’s deepest questions of his or her life purpose. As a channel, Rowynn is clear, eloquent, and accurate and, in an overall sense, her channeling has brought me in contact with a loving presence within myself that has made it easier for me to trust myself.”
~ M.M., Professional Astrologer

“I had been struggling with a difficult decision for many months, and wasn't able to get clear about the action I wanted to take. Rowynn's channeling went right to the essence of the problem I was struggling with. The Beings she works with told me what my soul wanted to learn in this situation and the action that would best help me grow. What they said was very true. It was something I knew all along, but was afraid to really admit to myself because it meant taking some difficult steps.

Once I knew what my Soul really wanted, the decision I needed to make became clear to me. She also gave me insight into the soul lessons of the people involved in my decision and I was able to see that the action I needed to take also served them. This was a huge relief, as part of the reason I had such a hard time taking action was that I was afraid of hurting someone I was close to. Realizing that following the deepest desire of my heart would actually serve the others involved released me.

The Beings also gave me some clear guidance on steps I needed to take, including a specific meditation that was right on and very empowering. I left the session more connected to myself, and clear at last. I highly recommend Rowynn! She is a clear channel and a powerful healer.”
~ S.M., Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist