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Are You Experiencing a Major Life Transition?

If you are like many healers, teachers, artists, visionaries, spiritual seekers, and conscious entrepreneurs, the foundations of your life are shifting and you are in a state of transition and change. It is time to really do what you came here to do and create a soul-centered, soul-infused life.

This change requires deep faith and trust in the love and wisdom of your Soul and True Self. You are literally in-between lives -- your old life is falling away and your new life has not yet emerged. Initial feelings of sadness, concern, frustration, confusion, excitement, hope, and longing are to be expected as you attempt to discover what your Soul is calling you to do next.

Rowynn Gilraine's therapeutic work integrates traditional and alternative healing methods, the personality and the Soul, the body and the realms of Spirit. Click here to learn more about Rowynn.

“In Rowynn's presence I feel held and seen. She listens with her whole being and safety is created which allows me to navigate with her through dark, scary waters. With Rowynn, I'm able to go to uncharted places within my Soul, places where new sources of life energy want to be tapped over and over again. This offers deep renewal and a sense of wholeness.

Rowynn has an unusual degree of compassion, is extremely dedicated to serving others, and is impressively skilled. As well as a therapist, to me she is a shamanic healer, spiritual guide, and ally. I would recommend her to anyone seeking assistance in his or her personal journey and especially to those wanting to explore his or her deepest truths and soul's purpose.”
~ M.M., Professional Astrologer

“Rowynn, you are the real thing. You are truly a healer and a shaman. I feel like you've been sent here from the higher planes to do this work. Every time I come something amazing happens that would take years in other therapy. Our sessions are miracles.”
~ S.M, Professional Psychic

“In my opinion, you couldn't do any better than work with Rowynn. She saved my life. I don't say that lightly. The change in me is profound and noticed by those around me. She has been consummately insightful, direct, and very caring. She could hold the space no matter how dark it got. I have always felt supported and can say that at the end of EVERY session I have felt lighter and more at peace.”
~ L.A., Trainer, Energy Medicine

“Rowynn's sessions are wonderfully co-creative and deeply transformative. Rowynn chooses from her amazing “bag of modalities” with intuition and skill, gracefully adapting in each moment as needed. I value and trust her old soul wisdom and extensive self-development. She is truly a soul healer.”
~ A.B., Licensed Massage Therapist

“Rowynn, you are a true healer. I feel like my guides led me to you. You know how to do what you do because of your connection with the higher planes. You are a pillar of light in my life. I have such gratitude for the work we are doing. It goes beyond words.”
~ C.W, Voice Teacher

Some experiences you may be having right now include:
  • You want to make a career change
  • Your primary love relationship is ending
  • Your old ways of making money are not working
  • Your heart is longing to find your true soulmate or twin flame
  • You are ready to take your world service to the next level
  • You are being guided to move to a new location
  • You are in a period of accelerated personal growth
  • You want to connect more deeply with your spirit guides
  • You feel a sense of urgency to know and fulfill your soul’s path
  • You are ready to open your intuitive and healing gifts
  • You are experiencing a spiritual awakening or initiation

How Do You Know if You Are Being Called?

You are ready to manifest your soul’s path if:

  1. You know that you have an important mission and a higher purpose, even if you don’t remember what it is.
  2. You are deeply committed to healing the planet and the environment. You want to help the planet evolve through the services your offer the world.
  3. You have innate spiritual gifts, second sight, and healing abilities. You want to develop and use these gifts at full capacity.
  4. You have had significant mystical and spiritual experiences. You have been contacted by loving, benevolent spirit allies who have guided you and helped you to heal.
  5. You want to develop more consistent ways of receiving and following spiritual guidance.
  6. You are a healing arts practitioner, author, teacher, artist, or conscious entrepreneur and you are being called to take your service to the next level and serve more people.
  7. You have an innate memory of shamanic, non-ordinary reality and you actively seek conscious connection with your spirit guides through meditative and spiritual practices.
  8. You feel a longing to experience high-level soulmate relationships in romance and friendship.

What Is Your Soul Asking of You?

Your Soul is asking you to surrender to a deep process of inner and outer transformation so that you can embody a more balanced, compassionate, and unified version of yourself and manifest a higher level of your soul’s path.

You are being asked to:
  1. Manifest your mission
  2. Grow spiritually
  3. Heal karmic patterns
  4. Deepen loving relationships
  5. Develop your gifts
  6. Serve the planet

As you bring in more of your soul’s energy and activate more of your soul’s purpose for this lifetime, everything that is not in alignment with this more balanced and whole version of yourself must be cleansed, healed, and transformed. Everything that ties you to your old life and to old ways of being must be released as you step into your full potential.

It is time now to become an expanded version of yourself and develop the capacity to hold deeper levels of love, compassion, wisdom, and peace as you begin to embody unity consciousness and become an agent of transformational change in the world.

Are You Ready to Manifest a Whole New Life?

Your Soul wants you to move to the next level of awareness and experience inner peace and wholeness and external abundance and success. What would it be like to be living your soul’s path right now?

Take a moment to envision a life where all of these things are true for you:

✔   You are doing work that you love to do and are financially prosperous at the same time.
✔   You are deeply in love with a romantic soulmate or twin flame and experiencing the bliss and joy that come from true spiritual partnership.
✔   You are living in a home, an area, and a community that you adore and are surrounded by like-minded individuals who understand you and your deeper values in life.
✔   You feel peaceful and whole inside. You experience the comfort that comes from connecting consistently with your own Soul and your True Self. You feel the loving presence of your spiritual allies and know that you are guided every step of the way.
✔   You are free from the repetitive, limiting karmic patterns and challenging beliefs and emotions that have been with you most of your life. You have healed on a soul level and experience grace and ease.
✔   You are filled with the joy of serving others and helping the planet and know that you are making a difference. You are truly living your soul’s path and manifesting your potential.

All of this is possible and more.

A life transition is an opportunity to create more of what your heart longs for. Your Soul wants you to succeed and wants you to fulfill your soul’s path. If this was not possible for you, your Soul would not have initiated a period of change in your life.

I Can Help You Live Your Soul's Path

When you are going through a major life transition, it is important to find a guide who has travelled the path and knows the way. A knowledgeable guide can help you navigate your transition more quickly and with more grace and ease.

I understand how challenging it is to go through the soul transformation process that is being asked of you. Like you, I have been called to evolve through an ongoing series of major life transitions, personal growth intensives, and spiritual awakenings.

Most recently, I too have been called into a period of Soul awakening as a result of a major life transition. I have had to let go of my former life completely and surrender to my Soul and my spirit guides. I have had to step into a more balanced and whole version of myself in order to transform all aspects of my life and step more fully onto my true soul’s path.

In addition, I have spent the last 15 years of my private practice helping healers, teachers, artists, visionaries, seekers, and conscious entrepreneurs discover their soul vision, release blocks and limitations, deepen spiritual connections, develop an action plan, and manifest their soul’s purpose in the world.

I have a Master’s degree in counseling and extensive post-Master’s training in somatic, transpersonal, shamanic, and expressive arts therapies. I offer a unique synthesis of soul healing and soul coaching that gets results. I always work in close conjunction with my team of spirit guides to help you manifest the next level of your soul’s path.

How Do You Get Started?

Sign up for a Free Initial Consult

Are you ready to commit to your soul's path and make a huge shift? Individual sessions are available using Skype/Zoom. There is no risk – the first session is guaranteed.

In your free 30 minute consult, we will discuss where you are in your life right now and where you want to go. We will create an individualized plan to help you complete your life transition and give birth to a new life that you love. You will have an opportunity to ask questions and decide if we are a good fit.

To sign up for a free consult, please go to the Contact page and send Rowynn an email requesting a free consult. If you are able, please include a very brief summary of what is going on in your life that you want to transform. I look forward to hearing from you.

Soul Path Healing Intensives for Life Transitions

Soul Path healing intensives are an individualized series of sessions designed to help healers, teachers, artists, visionaries, and conscious entrepreneurs actualize their soul's purpose. They are a unique way to focus on a core theme that is related to fulfilling your soul mission and living your destiny.

Soul Path healing intensives are offered on the following Soul Path themes:

Fulfill Your Soul Mission
Find and Keep Your Soulmate
Let Go of Your Lover
Past-Life Therapy Intensive
Connect with Your Spirit Guides
Create Your Perfect Career
Manifest More Money
Deep Soul Healing Intensive
Soul-Love Couples Intensive
Create Harmonious Relationships
Soul Coaching Intensive
The Spiritual Healing Journey of Shamanic Illness
Shamanic Journeywork and Healing Intensive

Soul Healing Therapies for Life Transitions

Soul Path therapy integrates somatic, transpersonal, shamanic, and expressive arts therapies. Sessions are highly individualized and are a unique synthesis of the following soul healing therapies:

Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression
Past Life Regression Therapy
Somatic Therapy
Soul Coaching
Shamanic Healing and Counseling
Expressive Arts Therapy
Soul Readings
Shamanic Sound Healing
Clinical Hypnotherapy